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I found that I was experiencing less stress incontinence. Because of this I found myself using fewer panty liners and confidence gradually increasing.

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Mother of four children my bladder and girly parts were not what they are used to be. vSculpt has helped me with my bladder issues and given me the confidence to do fun things again. vSculpt has helped me alleviate stress incontinence, vaginal pain and dryness. I will definitely continue to...

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Before using VSculpt I lacked sexual confidence after having a baby. My sex drive increased, I gained back confidence and sex became more pleasurable again.

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I never thought I’d write a review about peeing my pants, but that problem is all but gone! Thank you vSculpt!!!! I no longer have dry, vaginal laxity and my libido is stronger then ever.

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I was so excited to discover vSculpt, an internal pelvic rejuvenation device targeting the vaginal vault and not only the pelvic floor. By profession I am a cold laser specialist so I understand the benefits of red and infra red light therapy and KNOW they rejuvenate cells!! … With continued...

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My three vaginal deliveries were not easy on my body. It is only since using vSculpt that I realize how much I have been subconsciously limiting my activities because of fear of leaking. I can already see a HUGE improvement!

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