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vSculpt Featured in Glamour! Meet the New Tech That Will Transform Your Sex Life

British Glamour sex editor, Gemma Askham (@GemmaAskham), features vSculpt in her revealing article this month entitled "Meet the New Tech That Will Transform Your Sex Life". 

vSculpt is described as "the new way to improve pain in sex". Check out the full article here and the highlights below.

Wondering why on earth you’d want better collagen up your foof? The answer is increased lubrication, which creates wetter, less painful sex. The science works in several ways: heat (known as ‘thermal loading’) increases microcirculation, attracting blood and oxygen; LED light is absorbed by cells, leading to regeneration and repair; while the vibrations do the pelvic toning. A large market for this product is treating bladder leaks after giving birth – but it also has a place for non-mums with similar issues (hugely common among young athletes), or those plagued by dryness that no amount of lube will shift. Insert the device for 10 minutes, every other day, for six weeks – 81% of women felt an improvement in sexual function."

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