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Colette Courtion Gets Personal on Entrepreneur.com

Joylux CEO, Colette Courtion, gains more media attention in a recent article on Entrepreneur.com focusing on the challenges of pitching investors on women-only products and how getting personal can lead to successful fundraising.

This even includes making data personal. Courtion explains, “Before we started product development [for vSculpt], we used The Benchmarking Company to collect valuable input from over 2,300 women to assess the need and desire for products like ours. We wanted to prove that this was an issue that mattered, that women really cared about it, and that they cared about it enough to want to buy a product that addresses it. That kind of data can be overlooked in a pitch because it does not seem as tangible, but for a business like this, it is essential.”

Read the full article "3 Reasons To Be Personal With Your Pitch To Investors".

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